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Ask BUAV/Leaping Bunny to...

In signing this petition I ask BUAV, that you please reword your campaigns therefore indicaticating CLEARLY that you are not endorsing vegan products. You are focusing on the testing side alone. It is confusing and causing much harm to our animal friends. Saving lives is important and living vegan is inclusively aiming to do that. Please do not hinder us in doing so. Please remove ‘Cruelty Free’ from all your campaigns.

Depression, Anxiety, And Why You Won’t Find Me In Crowded Places

Depression, Anxiety, And Why You Won’t Find Me In Crowded Places

I was diagnosed with depression several years ago. For a long time I was in a very dark place where I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was worthless and the world would be a better place without me in it. I couldn’t tell you when I started feeling this way, all I know is that I couldn’t (and still can’t) remember a time before this feeling took over. I could sit here and tell you about how much…

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Letter to my non vegan family from your vegan child.

Letter to my non vegan family from your vegan child.

I didn’t write this but a friend of mine did and published it on their facebook page. I wanted to share it because a lot of us vegans do have to face opposition from family members and friends to one degree or another. I am relatively lucky in that the only person who really gives me any grief is my brother-in-law however I do know a few people who really suffer at the hands of their families.…

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I hate watching shows once a week, I’m more of a season a day kind of person.

Me too! I have to repeat to myself “It’s just seven days! I can do this!”

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